Capture Block Input type suggestions not working

I’m not getting the input type as geo city so which input type should I specify for getting city name?

@ashwin.salgaocar sir

@mknivedita123 As you may seen in other forum threads as well, you do not need the geo city variable. You can simply select custom and proceed.

Okay sir! If I use custom then during testing the weather for a city I get src object error so can you show or tell me how to get weather for a city using custom type.Please sir take this as humble request! @ashwin.salgaocar

Please share screenshots for me to pin point the error. Also make sure you have added the required headers for making the API requests if any.

I have attached the screenshots please tell me where should I correct it sir.For your notice I’ve entered city as Pune. @ashwin.salgaocar

@mknivedita123 After the {city} variable, you have ,NC. You need to remove it. The API request will be successful then. Let me know if this helps.

Sir i also have the same problem regarding the capture block the city option is not available for mi

Please select the custom option.

I have selected the custom option than also it is showing me error

What is the error. Please elaborate with screenshots.

Sir now I have prblm while uploading the weather app to google… I have test it on prototype it’s working but when I upload to google it’s showing that something went wrong

I am not able to capture the city input from capture block. This image is from the video lecture but currently I am unable to relate to it.

Apologies for the issues you are facing. Unfortunately, due to updates to the Voiceflow platform, we have stopped support for it and moved the content related to it as a bonus content. You can go through this for informative purpose but you may not be able to complete the projects.

However, do go through the python and linux content which too covers building Voice apps independent of the Voiceflow platform.