Error in starting ubuntu

As I installed Virtual box and downloaded Ubuntu and then followed the video to open ubuntu in virtual mode, I faced the following error when I clicked on “Start” in the virtual box

Can someone please guide me on how to go about now? @ashwin.salgaocar sir

@richierich2801 You will have to enable virtualisation in your system as that is blocking the installation of a Virtual machine. These steps would be different based on the OS you have. So please search for the steps on enabling Virtualisation(VT-X) on your system accordingly.

Hi, for this you need to enable virtualisation in the system BIOS settings. For that first restart the system and press f2 for dell or f10 for hp, you’ll get a screen. Go to security and enable virtualisation. Save changes and start the pc. Now in virtual machine settings, disable hardware virtualization in the acceleration tab and you should be good to go.

what will i do if it says like this

@jagritiagrahari1024 You need to delete this VM first, as you have done the steps wrong. The operating system you have selected is Windows 10(32-bit).

Please refer to this thread: Virtual box error