Not playing the preview of music player app

every step of my music player app(even in prototype) is executed properly but in google simulator the preview of the song is not playing and showing the result as shown below(marked one).please reply fast…


@19311a1984 If that is the case, then you may proceed in sharing the video screenrecording of the project in the prototype tab itself. The grading of the project will happen as usual.

Thank you…i’ll do the same👍

Hello, I’m having the same issue where in everything is perfectly alright in the prototype, but the preview of the song is not playing in the google actions simulator. In that case, as you have mentioned above, I will be recording the project in the prototype tab itself. But I’m just curious what might me the issue.
May I know what could be the problem. Just curious

@jpravachan777 I cannot pin point the issue with getting more details on it. You can elaborate you issue by doing a screen-recording, then point the issue and then sharing it here for me to see.

when I am start the test my music player app does not preview the song only, other is fine. only this error occurs. Below I am share the screenshot plz solve my problem sir.

@shantanujoshi1611 Your audio will not play in prototype tab of Voiceflow. Please upload your app to Google/Alexa to listen the song. You could also listen in Google Action Console.

Here is also not playing. See above screenshot.

@shantanujoshi1611 Could you please try it in Google Assistant on your Smartphone or Google Home Device? Do let me know if it still gives an error.

Actually, my music does preview in the voiceflow prototype console. So, I’d say the fact that your requested track isn’t generating a preview indicates that the problem lies on your side. If i was in your place I’d first check the code in the custom code blocks. If the code is correct then check if your variables and specially variable names(check for any spelling mistakes, check if all variables are global). Because what I think is happening here is that your ‘track name’ is either not reaching your custom code or your custom code doesn’t know what to do with the ‘track name’ but since “your custom code” is just a copy of the code provided to you I think it’s highly unlikely that the code doesn’t know what to do with your ‘track name’ variable. Hope this helps.

Sir I am unable to listen to the preview of the track, What could be the possibilities for this kind of error? Could you pls let me know.

There have been few updates in the Voiceflow Platform. The song will not play in the Voiceflow prototype tab. You will have to upload it to Google Action to play the song. Just test it via Google Assistant on your phone to play the song. You can ignore this error in the future as well.

I tried playing the preview in google action console as well as the google assistant on the smartphone but still The audio thing is not working.

@solankikhushi951 Noted. I shall replicate the same project at my end and will let you know about this soon. Please allow us some time to look into this.

@shobhit.kumawat yeah sure no problem thank you!