Project 11 not Working

I have made the whole flow for the project in integromat as well as voiceflow. But in the “Fetch count of Appointment block” , in the API block when I click on TEST REQUEST , it doesn’t shows the no. of appointments rather it is sending a json object error. Because of which I am not able to copy the variables for appointment from there.
Same thing is happening in the “Details of the Appointment block”.

Sir, please look into this.

@muskanmaan2012 is the date field in text format and is it matching the filter criteria? For example, if you are testing for today, is the date in the google sheet 01/06/2021?

Ideally, you should check your filter criteria, because the problem will be in there somewhere, plus, you should also check the text formating in the google sheet.

@ashwin.salgaocar Sir, Date field is in plain text format and date is same as today’s date. When I’m sending the TEST REQUEST the flow is working perfectly in integromat but voiceflow isn’t showing the appointments, the same error is occurring again.

@muskanmaan2012 Can you share a screen-shot of what the Webhook in integromat is returning?


@muskanmaan2012 Please make sure there is no newline between " and the Totla number of bundles as shown below.

It so appears that it is on a newline, but it isn’t.

This is how the output should be. Notice that 2 is on the same line as appointments:


@ashwin.salgaocar Sir, this is working now.
But now the problem is occurring with the appointment details section

@muskanmaan2012 This means your previous google sheet module did not return any bundles. I suggest you check the filters of the 1st google sheet module.

The filter should be as follows:

Hello, I was having similar issues what sir @ashwin.salgaocar told me to do is in the first googlesheets module in appointment deetails i.e “search rows” change time filter to “greater than or equal to” instead of “equal to” and then later in the google sheets make sure you change time column to “time operator” instead of “plain text”. This worked for me I hope it helps for you too

Change this to greater than or equal to herehelp

@muskanmaan2012 Important point in the screenshot shared here by @lokaanirudh6 is that the Greater than or equal to should be a Time Operator. You will see this in the drop-down while selecting the condition in the module.

This part will be added to the training content as text soon. Thanks for pointing it out @lokaanirudh6

@lokaanirudh6 Thanks, its working now

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@ashwin.salgaocar Sir, now the prototype is showing some error.
Every block is working fine, when I choose “Get details of the patient” or “Start next Appointment”
but when I go for “Number of appointments”, the conversation ends.
All the API blocks are working fine when I send a TEST REQUEST , all the integromat scenarios are also working perfectly
Kinldy, look into this.

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@muskanmaan2012 in the test section of the voiceflow we have an option to debug the error i used it to clear this error query. Try it, you can find the debug option in the settings symbol as shown below. This will clear your doubt why the error has popped-up.

@vishakhiyer2001 not helping, still the same problem persist. When I ask for the appointments, the Session ends there. Debug mode isn’t showing any error. Even when I’m testing the request for the API, it works perfectly.
@ashwin.salgaocar Sir, please sort this out.

My project is working now, the problem was I had added question marks in the utterances of “Number_of_appointments”, but the thing is Voiceflow doesn’t take question marks because of which it wasn’t working in the Prototype but if you upload it on Google Action it will work fine there even with the question marks.
Hope this helps

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@ashwin.salgaocar i have changed the operator as greater than or equal to from time operators but i am getting the same error once look into this please sir

I was facing the same issue. This was happening because previous module was not returning any bundles. Please check the filters of the first google sheet module. Also if you have already changed the filter to greater than or equal to then use should also change time column to time operator in the google sheets. I hope this will work for you.

I was also getting the same error despite of setting up all the variables and filters correctly. There are 2 possible problems (as far as I know) behind this:

  1. The google connection in “search row” module (module 8 in your case) might be different from the google connection in update a cell module (module 12 in your case). Please ensure they are same for both the modules. I had created another google connection with same name by mistake and was facing similar error until I sorted it out this way.
  2. As other replies by @ashwin.salgaocar mention, set the “greater than equal to” operator to “Time Operator”.

Hope one of this helps you. :wink:

I don’t know why but my project is still not working @khandenathparth and @ashwin.salgaocar. I have changed “greater than or equal to” to “time operator”, but it is still not working. Please help me.