Stuck in python3 console

i’m stuck in matter if i type exit() or press ctrl+d i can’t get out of it and continue my next steps for speech recognition module.

@shuklakhushi2002 Please check the python file that you are running. From the error it is clear that the credentials that you are using for example any file names. You have to change them from what mentor has used to explain in the project.

I’m in the midst of installing the speech recognition files ,so how can i change the names of files to be installed?

i can’t proceed now.

@shuklakhushi2002 You haven’t installed the Speech Recognition module successfully. First install pip, later install the Speech Recognition module with the help of pip. Then verify it using the python interpreter commands given in the training. Then you test the same command again. The process for the above steps is in the following link. Speech Recognition module (