Submission of assignments

I have recorded Simulator + Console for the Weather App and Simulator + Google Assistant App for the Telegram App. But I have shown the full working of both of the app in detail. Rest all of the recordings are in the correct format ( console + Google assistant). Can I submit the mentioned or do i have the recreate them as they are deleted.

@191320 You must submit the console and Assistant recordings in order to get the full score for the project. Even if they are deleted, if you have uploaded them to google, they still are available. So, please check and record the console and assistant videos. Hope this helps, Thank you!

this is what it says on both console and app. I read on forum it for the weather app it is allowed to record the prototype.

@191320 You only get full score if you submit the console and assistant recordings as each contains 2 Marks. Could you please share the link of the forum thread where you read ?

@191320 I have asked the team whether I can accept the console recording. They allowed me to accept only for the weather app.

Have to upload the screenshots of voiceflow as well as integromat which will be comprised with 5 marks each and video for google assimulator and the google actions which would be of 15 marks each over the google drive and then have to share its public links in exam.