Telegram app actual implementation

Sir , the message that has been posted on telegram channel is the one which we have written in integromat. If we want the telegram channel to publish the message that has been written by us through voiceflow , how can that be done?
Please reply asap because I want to more forward in this course. @ashwin.salgaocar

@amishagupta9149 You may check the other options available for the telegram module and experiment with it to find the best option for your use case.

this app was meant to display the message spoken by us on voiceflow. Then why is it only showing message of integromat? is “test” over here. @ashwin.salgaocar

@amishagupta9149 Could you please elaborate on the following:

  • are the contents of the variable passed from voiceflow to integromat working?

If it works, then you should be able to pass the messages from voiceflow to integromat, and then to telegram.
here is the link to my video

sir have you gone through it? @ashwin.salgaocar
Sorry for being so impatient, but i have to proceed further.

What are these mentors up to? They think that we guys have ample amount to time to waste?
We have paid for this course! It’s not free of cost. It is your formost duty to clearify our doubts within minimum span of time. Can anyone give me a valid explanation that why arn’t my doubts been cleared yet? Is it so difficult to just give a reply? Very sorry to say, but this is byfar the worst platform to work with. And won’t ever recommend anyone to go for this
@ashwin.salgaocar sir you do owe me an explanation.

@amishagupta9149 Apologies for the delay. First thing, the problem description is not very elaborate for me to pin point the issue. Secondly, the link you shared is a private link to which I do not have access. Please accept the request for me to view the file you share in order to know your issue.

i have accepted the request. please resolve the issue asap

@amishagupta9149 The reason you are getting the message test on telegram is because it seems to have been hardcoded in the integromat scenario. You have not followed the steps mentioned in the lesson:

Step 1 is to send the data from voiceflow to integromat webhook:

Step 2 is to map this variable to text part of the telegram module in integromat:

Please make sure to follow all steps in the lesson before raising a query.

thank you so much it worked!

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Create your conversation flow or chatbot in Voiceflow. Make sure you have a specific point in the conversation where the user’s message is captured and ready to be sent to Telegram.Use Integromat as a middleware between Voiceflow and Telegram. Integromat can help you connect various apps and services together. You’ll need to create a scenario in Integromat that listens for data from Voiceflow and then sends it to Telegram.In your Voiceflow project, use a webhook or an integration feature to send the user’s message to Integromat when it’s ready to be published on Telegram. You may need to use Voiceflow’s API or webhook capabilities to achieve this.

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Send a message example of a voice flow to the telegram bot

-> Send message
    | Telegram bot
    | Bot API token: YOUR_BOT_API_TOKEN
    | Message: Hello from Voiceflow!
-> End