Telegram app run time error

am getting this kind of error… can anyone give solution for this?

@pavithrayadav666 I have seen that many of you are facing this issue which is just a common mistake, so first check that whether you have put the Chat ID correct or not

u r right !!! thank you for ur help

how did u do that …because i am also facing the same issue

@jagritiagrahari1024 You have to first add your bot to the channel and then make it an administrator so that it can post messages to the channel. The error suggests that you have not added the Bot as a member of the channel. Please follow the lesson again as it is mentioned how to do that.

thankyou sir helping me …now i connect with google simulator but what i have to do after that how to use in simulator if when i say talk to tekegram it says main invocation …i am unable to rectify that how to use in google assistance

Hii sir on google action telegram app is not working what should I do?

But it’s work on prototype… In google action it show earcon what is meaning?

you just need to go back to your voiceflow interface of telegram app and again click upload to google , then select the project you created in google actions from the list. you will see a ‘successfully uploaded’ message and a link to test on Actions console simulator.Test on actions console simulator.

What is the output of telegram app in google action console…

it’s is correct output

The output of Telegram App in Google Action Console / Simulator will be that after running the scenario and after replying to the question what message you want to post? It will successfully post the message in the channel created and a notification will be shown in the device where telegram app is installed.

I have added the bot as an admin but the issue persists. What shall I do?

The error says: [The operation failed with an error. [403] Forbidden: bot can’t send messages to bots]

You can check the Premium Telegram Application with free of cost.

I downloaded telegram app from here. You can also give it a try…