The code block (javascript) is no longer available for free users in voiceflow

While creating the “music app” in voice flow I realized that the code (javascript) block is no available anymore and you have to buy it in order to use it so I don’t know what to do anymore, so should I skip this project? and I also have no idea if the further projects in this course require the javascript block or not

Any help or suggestions?

There are 4 projects taught in the course that we need to submit in the certification test and 3 of them do not require code block but the 4th project which is the to-do list app does. Along with that, not having access to code blocks while making our own project would really limit the functionality of our projects. So I hope we get an appropriate reply for this.

you can use capture block in which there is a button called javaskript.You can use this to enter the javaskript code and complete your to-do list app