Unable to submit/create project in google

can someone help me in this m getting error while submiting or creating my project to google.

Create a project in google actions console and try uploading again. It will show a pop-up having the name of the project you created.

Hi @shivalikyougal392,

Seems like there is an issue with your internet connection. Can you please login again to your voiceflow account? Try uploading the app again to google, This will surely help you out.

Thank u shobhit.kumawat and siddharth.verma.cse2 it works.


Hello. This might be rectified by checking if the email you are logged into is the same as you bought the course. Thank You.

Atleast it showed an error message in that earlier version, because in the updated version I used, sometimes It just kept buffering when I clicked “Publish” and then it used to stop altogether, So if someone faces similar issue in recent updated version make sure to login again in voiceflow or check your internet and then try to upload it. Also make sure to create a blank project in google actions console beforehand.