Unable to upload app in google

Hi ! @angmoangmo784 . First you need to create an project in Google Actions console. For that go to Actions on Google and create a project with suitable name. Choose custom for type of project and create a blank project. After come to voiceflow and you can see the project. Select that project and upload.

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This is the screenshot of the voice flow.

Hope it Helps! Thank you.

You might want to sign out and then sign-in again with your mail which is connected to the voice apps training. And then, don’t forget to change the name of your project, same names may create issues. Then you can easily upload them on google.

first you need to create a new project in google console of the account which u need to upload and then from the voiceflow app you can upload it to google

@angmoangmo784 first you create same project on google action console and give all the information related to your project on google action console description and set invocation name on deploy after that you publish your app it may worked…