Uploading to google

In the screenshot you can notice that I do not have an option to upload the json file that I have downloaded . Hence I am unable to upload the app on google .
I have followed all the steps shown in the video.

@cutydevayani This has been the new update where you have to create a Google Actions project via the Voiceflow tab itself by clicking on Create Actions Project .

I tried doing that, but I am still not getting it.
Could you please tell me the steps to follow ?
Thank You in advance

@cutydevayani Is the project not getting created once you click on Create Actions Project?

I click on “create project” it takes me to the actions console where I create a new project and then click on “BUILD”. This the n takes me to the dialogflow page where I have to follow a few steps and finally I download a file in the json format .
Even after all this is done , when i get back to the voiceflow page i am not able to upload my file .

@cutydevayani All these steps are not need to be done. We will have a meeting tomorrow at 3PM. Can you share your contact number so that I can share the meeting details with you.

Can you send me an email regarding the details of the meeting.

I continue to have the issue of being unable to upload the project on google.

I also have a problem in installing ubuntu.

@cutydevayani To install virtual box you need to have virtualization disabled in you BIOS. The error clearly states that VT-X is disabled, which means virtualization is disable.

For windows os you can follow this article to solve your issue: https://mashtips.com/enable-virtualization-windows-10/

Thank You ,My issue regarding enabling of virtualization has been solved.

Can you help me solve this issue.

you can refer here https://voiceappsforum.boltiot.com/t/error-in-starting-ubuntu/698/3?u=deepanjalit46

There is the update version to upload project on google . We do not need to build any action we can now directly upload to google . Firstly click on upload to google then create a new project ,type the name of project create then go to blank then click on custom and it gives automatically a action console page ,now directly u can enable your test on google by clicking on talk to project name. It will work!

@ashwin.salgaocar Sir, I’ve tried all the steps too and still I’m not able to upload on google.It says “project submission error” even after refreshing / waiting for a few days.Please guide me on this as im stuck here since a long time.

Hi @disha20ucam013 Due to the updates to the Voiceflow platform, there are a lot of technical difficulties. And due to this, we have moved it to the end of the training as bonus content. We will not be able to provide support for it for the time being as there is no solution for it.

However, you can complete the part of the training that is based on python. You should be able to complete that.

@ashwin.salgaocar So does this mean i will not be able to do the remaining projects in order to appear for the final certification exam? If so is there any other way i can complete my projects?

@disha20ucam013 The final exam will not have questions linked to the Voiceflow platform. So you can take the test.

The Instructions for the exams needs to be updated, we are working on making the changes there as well.

Hi. As there is a change in the pattern, so what projects are now required to be submitted for the certification test and the internship?

@meghad404 The projects and questions related to the Voiceflow platform have been removed from the certification test. The test now only includes questions on Python and linux.