Variables not available in Integromat

The variables that I create in voice flow are not available in telegram bot of intergomat. What might be the problem?

First delete the telegram module and then re-determine the webhook data structure and then click on test request on api block of voiceflow. And then add the telegram bot module, you will get the newly created variable.

The similar thing happened to me as well. The solution that fixed my problem was that I changed the variable name once and then re-configured the telegram bot. The other thing that might help you is to reload/restart the scenario. Hope this solves your issue.

First determine the data structure of webhook by clicking send request after pasting link in API block. so that you get the created variables or try to clear API block and create new variable names and try the above process again.
Hope this helps.

Try “Redetermine data structure” option on the custom webhook module and resend request to get a the variable you are passing (don’t forget the OK option or nothing will happen) if this doesn’t work delete the telegram module and try again. You will most likely get the variable in the star shaped tab under Custom Webhook title.

you just have to “redetermine data structure” on the module where it is not showing and then Re-send your request. Then you will get “Accepted” in the code, go back to the module, there you will see “successfully determined”.