Voice flow latest version confusion

i am extremely confused that in voice flow’s latest version there’s no option for transform into variable how come then i will be able to get my correct app requirements done:/

@anushkag To create a variable just use it, then it will prompt you to create that variable. In this way, you can create a variable


Another way to create a variable is, Go to the NLU model option available at the top of the screen and click on Variables. There you can see all the variables available for your project. There you can create a new variable.

Iam facing issue here because i want to make weather app and i am not able to copy the information and transform it to variable so i can’t perform my app for specific requirements of weather of city.
I really need help in its regard…

@anushkag You can write the variable name that you want to include as response.variable in capture response block. I am attaching the screenshot for your reference image