Weather app output zero

Every time I test my weather app it shows the output as zero sunrise 0, sunset 0, temp 0, and weather summary 0. can someone please tell me what to do?

Hey can you share the screenshot of your voiceflow and api details?

Ensure that the API key is correct and transformation of variables in the GET request is done the same way as in the training video.

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Make sure you have selected the correct api from the application and check for errors. and also ensure that the input you are fetching is in json format

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This may help you.

  1. Since the app shows sunrise 0, sunset 0, temp 0, and weather summary 0, there is no problem with the Request URL. This is because the final block will get executed only when the API request is a success.
  2. While transforming the response values to variables, you might not have created the variables correctly or the mapping of the variables is not done correctly.
  3. Some typing errors could be there in variable naming.
    If nothing works out, just follow each step in the video and you will eventually resolve it!
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As Weather App API is not open for everyone you may be facing the problem. First create an account in weather Bit API and then try to use the assigned code in your API request so that you can access the details. And try to recheck the variables you select from API response. Hope this will help you.

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@shivalikyougal392 Please check the following points this may help you.

  1. Create a account in weatherbit api and fetch the api key
  2. In weatherbit api website there will be a link to fetch the city weather copy that and paste in api block replace city as u created variable and api key as the one you got from the website.
  3. Next the response should be caputure as for sunrise like this you have to make the data for what you like to get it. :wink:
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