About certification exam

What are the topics covered in the certification test?

Hello @Deepanjali,

As it was mentioned in the course about the details of the test, I can say that we will have to give a test with 22 mcq questions related to what we have learned. We also have to submit proofs like screenshots and screen recoding to show that our project are working. Along side with these, we also have to create our own project with the knowledge we gained.
I’ll post a detailed requirements list about the test from our course itself:

Please make NOTE that the test can be given only once. So please make sure that you are all set to take the mcq test as well as make your project proof ready to submit.(links, or zips, etc.)

All the best !

Thank you! But I was asking about what modules I need to concentrate on and whether there are questions from all the modules in the test or just the ones upto integromat.

@Deepanjali for now, the test only has questions till integromat. The new questions will be added soon as all of the training is completed. So make sure you are prepared with all the topics.

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