Action Console limit

Hi I’ve crossed the limit to google action console. I’ve just completed with Telegram App that means only 50% of the course.Please tell me the solution for it, because to exceed the limit google is asking to pay which i cannot.

@aa.arusha, you will have to delete you previously created projects in that case. Here is a link to help you with that:

Do note that this may take 2 - 7 days, so make sure to check again.

Since there is a limit in uploading projects to google action console, you can upload the project to an existing project. You can also delete existing projects in google console, but it will take time around 7 days. So i suggest you to upload the project to an existing project

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Thanks alot sir.
Process has been started i’ll wait for some days and then will see.

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Ohh Thanks i’ll try that too.