Actions Console

My actions console page is not same as shown in the video.
there is nothing coming as “Build your first action”.

@muskisinghal.828 because u have to follow the updated steps. The step you are following is old step so follow the new one

I am going aa per the steps in the course
If the steps are updated is not it the responsibility of the course makers to either update the steps or atleast give a link from where to follow new steps

yes I saw that but I don’t think it contains the full instructions.
I am not able to test my app
In that no instructions are given regarding the dialog flow agent

@muskisinghal.828 bro, the dialogflow instructions is not given because there is no need to create any dialogflow agent or credentials. Try to understand ok.
You only have to do is just create a project in google console->custom page->blank page that’s it. Now go to your voiceflow canvas and complete the block and upload it to google thats it ok.

I got it…just have another doubt…In my Capture step only these 5 options are coming in input typeimage

@muskisinghal.828 great, now see most probably we use custom as input variable so go for it.

yes I used custom but in the video “geo city” is used also by custom its not working

@muskisinghal.828 I will recommend you to jump to the next project because still there is some ambiguity with the weather aap, I don’t know why the voiceflow team is taking too much time to resolve this all.

but then how will i be able to submit 4 apps at the end.
Also it was written to record the apps via actions console but no instructions to do so were given.Can you please tell me how to do that

@muskisinghal.828 see the main concern is to not waste the time on one particular stuff which totally exhausted you , so jump to the next projects and first complete the other part. Because the weather app has some technical error from the voiceflow app itself. Hope so they will fix it soon meanwhile do complete your other projects ok.

@muskisinghal.828 don’t worry ok chill. Not your fault so be relax and don’t waste too much time on a particular stuff.

Yes I also at first thought of leaving it and working on another project
But in the free version of voiceflow website one can only do 2 projects at a time
So i need to delete the ones i have done first then only I’ll be able to proceed further
That is why i needed your help with the creation of video of those projects

@muskisinghal.828 ok I will share you my google Drive link where all the projects are in proper format ok so that you will get some ideas. Drop me your email

Just take the projects screenshot and make two video of working of the projects on google console as well as google assistant. And then delete it.

yes that’s what I am asking. How to make the video

You can make a video with any screen recorder. You should show the working of your project in action console.