Am I capable to attempt another test for certificate after 30th October if I will attempt the test before 30th Oct

@SiddharthBhandarkar @ashwin.salgaocar sir i have completed the course till the Integromat and I have with my own project as well. I want to attempt test before 30th oct , if I do, then am I capable to attempt other test for the course after Integromat???

Exam can be attempted only once as per the instructions included in the course. @ashwin.salgaocar sir can guide you better.

@SiddharthBhandarkar @ashwin.salgaocar sir is it good to attempt the exam (with course upto integromat), means i have already prepared my project as well so if I complete the test before 30 then m i eligible for the internship referred by boltiot?

@subham3140 Of course yes. You will be eligible for it.

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@ashwin.salgaocar thanku sir.i have completed my test with great experience. Thanku

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@ashwin.salgaocar @SiddharthBhandarkar sir please provide some guidelines how to apply for internship to the respective company referred by this course as there is no any steps mentions how to apply please guide me… Sir

@subham3140 I’m just a fellow student of this course. @ashwin.salgaocar Sir can guide you.