Are the internships (apart from assured voiceapps internship) remote?

Are the internships (apart from assured voiceapps internship) remote or require physical presence ?
If remote then full-time or part-time or flexible working hours ? Moreover, what will be the duration of these internships ?
Please help @rajesh.penugonda @shobhit.kumawat

Hi, @khandenathparth Some of the internships are remote and some are compulsorily physical. Remote internships have flexible working hours but fixed working time in a day. Generally, the duration of the internships is 6 Months. But it varies depending upon the requirement.

  1. I am a student pursuing BTech. Currently, I have vacations but my next semester starts by 28 july. So, given the duration of internship(6 months) I can only do it if it’s remote. Moreover, since I will be having classes to attend I don’t know if I will be available for those fixed work timings. Can you please explain more on this?

  2. In the list of internships, each internship has a training section in its description. Is it necessary to have completed the mentioned training from Bolt to be eligible to apply for that internship?
    for example:-

    Among these 3 internships, 1st and 3rd internship mentions web development training. So can I apply to them if I have the relevant skills or I need to complete the mentioned training from Bolt first?

Please help me with the above 2 queries… @rajesh.penugonda @shobhit.kumawat @ashwin.salgaocar

@khandenathparth To answer the 2nd question, the Training field is present to mention the core skills needed for the role. You need not have taken the training, but you need to have those core skills for the job.

You may do the role remotely, but it entirely depends on the company.

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Thanks for the clarification @ashwin.salgaocar sir.