Can you please help me to delete the project named as "First project"

@sharmavibhuti1507 u want to delete the app or rename the aap?

Please just click the “F” near by the word “First Project” it will show you 2 options “copy project” and “remove project”(Delete) . Only 2 projects can be added in workspace because of trial version. paid version is around 40$.

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Both options are their… Go ahead

thanks for help :slight_smile:

Issued already resolved sir :slight_smile:

hmm… it’s ok. Be happy

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@sharmavibhuti1507 Sry but m not your sir, m same as u like m also during the course… So no need to call me sir…

Okay fine buddy ! :+1:t2:

@sharmavibhuti1507 yoooohhh buddy