Certification test

i cant attend the certification test. It is not happening. whats wrong with it ? Now how could I get my certificate? What about my money?


What is the issue you are facing while attending the certification test. Can you please share a screenshot of the same?

this is .

Hi @rishidutta795,

Thanks for pointing this out. I am looking into this now and will update you soon as we have fixed this from our end.

@rishidutta795, Can you try answering the test now. Let me know if you face any issues.

it doesnt take the screenshots and video links

@rishidutta795, You will have to upload the screenshots and videos in a folder on google drive, make it public and then share the link of the folder in the text sections of the question where it is asked.

Could you please give a checklist of the files to be present inside this folder?
Along with the test questions, would there be one uploading placeholder or multiple?

@idlepcha Please read the points mentioned in this lesson and the one following it: https://trainings.boltiot.com/courses/841310/lectures/22361463

There is only one placeholder(text section) under which you have to share the link. Hence it is advisable to store all of the files in one google drive folder and share the link of the folder in the placeholder.