Course access code

Sir, I am getting this error even after entering the course access code

@ashwin.salgaocar Can you please look into this?

@nnamratha082000 Apologies for that. Your access code has been added to the test. You may now try it out without seeing the error.

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Thank you sir I was able to access the test

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Even i am getting the same error , could you please look into this?

@ashwin.salgaocar Can you please look into this?

Hi @yukthanurs04 Apologies for the issue. I have manually entered the access code to the exam. You should now be able to answer the exam using your access code.

Thank you sir, i was able to access the test.

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after entering the access code, it gives some error as shown in the screenshot.
kindly solve this so that i will be able to attend the test.
please sir ASAP!!

@ashwin.salgaocar Can you please look into this?

@sunnydev783 Your access code has been added to the certificate exam system. You can now take the test using it.

Thank you sir.
I have finished my exam.
@ashwin.salgaocar kindly evaluate my final marks.

@ashwin.salgaocar @shobhit.kumawat
when will i get my certificate???

@sunnydev783 We have already graded your certificate on 2nd May. You should have received the certifcate by now.

Sir, I have the certificate of completion.
Now I had applied for the assured internship 5 days ago.
After applying, a messege was pop-up saying that they will reply me within 5 working days.
Now, days are over but I didn’t get any response.
When will I get the Internship.

@ashwin.salgaocar please Look into this.

@sunnydev783 Our team member who grades assured internship results will be available for grading on 15th May. You should expect to receive it by then.

I have completed my all the videos but any aaplied for the assured internship.
i received a mail saying that you are not selected for the internship.
i have submitted everything, all the five projects including the main project, then why??
Kindly help me… @ashwin.salgaocar @shobhit.kumawat

Hi ! @sunnydev783. Could you please share the screenshot of the email that you have got ?

Sir, this is the screenshot

Hi ! @sunnydev783. This update is not about the Voice Apps Assured Internship. That mail is about Bolt Student Partner Internship which is different from the above. Your project is reviewed and you will receive an update regrading this soon. Hope it helps. Thank you