Course updation?

Today I was about to attempt the certification exam but I encountered that the course has been extended with Linux and Python topics, having said that my course completion percentage is 95%. Is the extension still in development phase or is it fully uploaded? Should I attempt the exam or not? As I can attempt the exam once. Please guide.

Hi @SiddharthBhandarkar

You can take the exam now, as none of the updated content is present in the Certification Test. As we have stated in the training, we will go live with that content by 15th Nov 2020. Post which those questions will appear in the Certificate exam.

We continuously keep improving and adding content to the training. And since you have lifetime access to the training when you bought it, you get any updates to the training for free. You can take the certification exam now and then come back to the training and learn the new content that is added anytime you want.