Create Actions Project Error

Sir, till now I was able to upload well to my google account. But today when I was uploading it showed Create actions project. I have done it in actions console as well it shows every thing is done but when am testing my app in that it speaks something else, but in voiceflow prototype worked correctly. Am attaching the photos as well sir please look into it and help me out.
Thank you!!

@jaya.sankeerth I think you have to check the display name, have you saved it.?

Sorry sir, I didn’t get you

@jaya.sankeerth M not a sir​:sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:, ok leave it, are u facing problem with Google Assistant or Google simulator?

:sweat_smile: No am not facing any issue. I have done two projects without any issue

@jaya.sankeerth great

I mean am not able to do this one

On Google actions console when am testing the app it says completely different from what i did on voiceflow. In voiceflow it worked perfectly but then when am testing on actions console it says different.

@subham3140 If you want I can share you the video of actions console and voiceflow

Sure @jaya.sankeerth

@subham3140 Bruh can you send me the mail id I will send it to you only if you are okay with sharing your mail id or else I will look for another alternative

@jaya.sankeerth yes u can msg me in

yes bruh, same problem for me too. When i click upload to google, it shows “Create Actions Project”
Capture .
Normally it doesnt show like that, it always shows to upload json key.

@krishnan7027 Yeah krishnan if you solved this problem please let me know. How you have done it

@subham3140 I’ve sent you an email bro check it out once

Ok @jaya.sankeerth

@ashwin.salgaocar Sir can you please help me out with this error? Am stuck and not able to go further

has anyone solved it?

Hi all,

This has been the new update where you have to create a Google Actions project via the Voiceflow tab itself by clicking on Create Actions Project.

Follow this lesson to get a clear idea of this new process: