Creating dialog flow agent

instruction given in the dialog flow agent are outdated in google console it shows different making confusion pls change or tell how to fix the issue

@harikrishna.p388 where u stacked?

i don’t how to build the action ,custom intent in google console it shows different compared with video

@harikrishna.p388 Please explain after which step u got stucked with? Creating new project on google ->custom->next-> at the bottom most click on “click here”->build your action->Add Action->get start->custom intent->build->create so on…

after clicking add action it shows like this

@harikrishna.p388 Please follow this lesson which has the updated set of steps to upload apps to google:

@ashwin.salgaocar sir i think all works fine but only the prblm is with the google assistant, as it is not able to catch our project, pls make us easy to cope up from this problem…

Thank you for fixing the problem ,small doubt we don’t need dialog flow sir?