Cricket score output error

cricket score app - Google Chrome 24-11-2020 20_22_12
it showing the score 0…can anyone help me!!?

@pavithrayadav666 pls render the api block

how to render???actually

I mean to say that please show the screenshot of the API block

hey can u please help me what should i do after that

i genrated a test for the app can u please guide me.

@pavithrayadav666 show the unique id variable
and capture block as well

@pavithrayadav666 just put Capture input “Custom” and capture input to “country”

even after changing i am getting same error

@pavithrayadav666 because the match even doesn’t exist, pls take input from the new matches from cricapi

@pavithrayadav666 check with this " Beximco Dhaka" Input

getting same error over again …

Facing the same error

I’ve run it on voiceflow but it’s showing error for the test deployment

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@kajal.bidvi11099 @pavithrayadav666 have done some mistakes I think, pls check it properly .

I’m facing the same issue. @ashwin.salgaocar kindly check!

Hi All,

We have seen that this error has been coming for some students while some students were able to do the projects without any issues. Since this has been the case, we have been trying to pinpoint the issues students have been facing with the Voiceflow software.

Can you also post a similar query on This was suggested by the CEO of Voiceflow. If we have more attention to this query, then I suppose we should be able to get a solution to this at the earliest.

you have to give input of same country which unique id is selected while testing request for score

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