DialogFlow Agent

After uploading the JSON file and testing on the Google Action Simulation my WeatherBit,infact none of the app is shown in the simulator.I also tried the way sir told to resolve this problem,but I am not getting “try on Google Assistant” option in Dialogflow.Tell some alternative way to update my actions in dialogflow.

Go to integrations in the Dialog flow panel, select the Google Assistant Integration, next click on TEST, comeback to Voiceflow canvas click on Update to Google as it will update the integration and then you can test the assistant

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Thanks bro for the help.

it is not clear with the steps to run the actions
help me with the steps of creating actions project

not able to find the service id under project id in dialog flow credentials

The old steps required the use of Dialogflow, but the new ones do not need it. Please follow the steps mentioned in this lesson: https://trainings.boltiot.com/courses/841310/lectures/25365567

With this you will be able to build the project end to end.

I am not able to upload the actions in google after successfully creating a dialogflow agent. In new version of voiceflow there is no option of ‘see how it works in Google assistant’. Please upload the new video or tell me steps. It help me alot.

@ramneekkw As mentioned in the above message, please follow the steps mentioned in the lesson https://trainings.boltiot.com/courses/841310/lectures/25365567 for the updated steps.

This is the first video. I am talking about next video sir where there is need to create dialogflow agent. There I am facing problem which I shared in my first reply.

@ramneekkw Once you have already uploaded your app to google actions, the project part is done. You do not need to create dialogflow agents etc. Dialogflow was part of the old steps. You may ignore lessons which show dialogflow setup and only follow steps mentioned in the links above to upload your app to google actions.

yeah it works. Thanks