Doubts with Personal Project

If I create a simple project which is working fine for the personal project, am I susceptible to getting fewer marks. Does creating a slightly complex project for the same guarantee more marks comparatively?
For example, if I create a personal project like Weather App, am I likely to receive fewer marks as compared to the instance in which I create an app similar to Music App with similar complexity? (because I believe Music App was more time taking and complex as compared to Weather App)
Also, having both voiceflow and integromat included in my personal project, does it gurantee more marks than simplly including voiceflow?

Sir, I need to talk with you about the project. Can You please help me out. My contact number is 8114965425 .

@ashwani_prasad Points are graded based on the working of your projects on the google actions console and the app. This has been mentioned as points before the exam as well. You can choose to do it with or without integromat.