Error ditection

why is this showing to me …as I have done every step correctly as shown in the video.

@rishidutta795 u have to run the Scenario in integromat first

@rishidutta795 I am facing the same problem. Did the app work anyhow?

yes! then it has worked but i couldn’t upload it in google as it need a upgradation

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yes I am also done with the app it works perfectly on prototype but not when uploaded.Have you done the weather app? How are we supposed to do all of them with 2 projects limitation on voiceflow that too we are stuck in them.

actually u have to do 2 projects and then u have to take screenshots and record videos .after doing that u have to delete those 2 and do the same with an other 2 projects.

and yes I have also successfully done the weather app in prototype but it dint work at google.

It’s okay now as they have said to submit the working prototype only.

oh really! then its fine. actually I was unaware about this info.

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