Error in My Test Project

I have followed proper steps and the action is also connected to my project

Hi @tavleenkaur1899

We have seen that this error has been coming for some students while some students were able to do the projects without any issues. Since this has been the case, we have been trying to pinpoint the issues students have been facing with the Voiceflow software.

Can you also post a similar query on This was suggested by the CEO of Voiceflow. If we have more attention to this query, then I suppose we should be able to get a solution to this at the earliest.

Thank you so much @ashwin.salgaocar but I was able to resolve the issue.

Hi @tavleenkaur1899

This is great to hear. Could you please share what changes you did to make the project work. It would really be helpful for all the forum users who are facing the same issue you were facing. :slight_smile:

Actually in my case it wasn’t that big a problem there was just some issue with the invocation name.When we check the details of this error message their it shows what the actual problem is.