Error in result of cricket score app in prototype test

not getting a proper res ult in cricket score app even i followed every step in detailed!

I’m having the same issues

Even i copied the same JS code you guys provided.
API is working fine but prototype isn’t,please help

@aa.arusha Are the variable mapped correctly? Please share the screenshot of that as well.

Sir, i realised i wrote the code in directive block so i changed the block to code block. Now i cannot even reach to the API block.

Here’s the Code block’s ss and API block’s ss with all the variables

SIr please look into my new Problem in the cricket app

Even i am having the same problem.

@aa.arusha I did not understand your query. Could you be more crisp with what issue you are facing?

@gunishkumar7 What is the issue? I cannot tell from the screenshot. You will need to elaborate so that I know where to look for within the screenshot.

I mean to say… in the prototype, i didn’t get the correct match results. Plus the capture block have only selected input type options unlike shown in the tutorialimage
These are the only input type options. So we can’t choose anything except custom.
And i think because of this only reason my other apps are also not working…

@gunishkumar7 The capture block now only has that many options. So there is no solution to that as those are the options available to us. You should check your code block and API block again for any errors.

Sir, could you please record a tutorial video for music and cricket app for this latest version of voiceflow. Like upload it to the google drive and send the link. That would really help.

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Sir it’s hard to tell you, can i please leave this one?

it will return zero if the score is not given in that api we are fetching data from, if you’ll insert those teams whos scores are already given it will return some score for sure for example try with durham (but it wont be showing stats ig as api only have score for that not stats

Sir iam facing the same issue iam not getting the result it’s showing 0 after result @ashwin.salgaocar please help me out in this error

@yousufmama111 I have already replied to you on another thread. Please do not create multiple threads of the same error.

Okay sir sorry @ashwin.salgaocar