Error in speech recognition module

@p.t1999.tiwari Can you share the screenshot of what you see when you type the following command and hit enter:

pip3 install SpeechRecognition

If anyone in the server is free please solve my query I can’t wait anyone for 15 days to solve 1 freaking query. If you can’t solve please return my fees I’m done with this bad problem solving features.


You seem to be facing a very peculiar issue which I cannot pin point direct. I need to access the setup you have done by having a screensharing session. Please make sure, you have the virtual box setup on the same system you have the screensharing session this time, as it had caused a lot of delays during the previous screensharing session.

Let me know if today 3:00 PM is a good time for it.

Okk i will try. Send me the screen sharing link today. It will difficult to share screen bcz my pc can not take too much load because I’m having old version with 2gb ram and running Ubuntu in it is difficult. But i will try to do my best. If it is possible solve my query by seeing screenshot of the error

@p.t1999.tiwari, I’ve shared the details as a text message.

@p.t1999.tiwari As discussed yesterday, since you were not able to join the meeting due to internet issues, I would require a detailed screen-recording to pin point the issue you are facing.

In the screen-recording make sure to follow the same style of recording as it is in the lesson. So, you will have to do the steps one by one and point the entire error as and when you receive it. This should help me in pin pointing the issue for you.

@p.t1999.tiwari Can you confirm the version of Ubuntu you have installed? This seems to be a different version as compared to the one mentioned in the training. Due to which you seem to be facing the issue.

It’s 20.10 and in the training also 20.10 mentioned. And I have installed it in desktop version without virtual box

@p.t1999.tiwari thanks for pointing it out. The text content did mention 20.04.1 before(We have made the update), but the download link was always of the 18.04.5 version. If you download that version, you will not face any issues with python3.

I have not downloaded Ubuntu from link I have installed latest version with website. Now it will be difficult for me to download other version. If it is possible please resolve my query with that version only

@p.t1999.tiwari For that you will have to arrange a session where I can work on your system remotely to solve your issue. Please arrange for that.