Error waiting for project creation

Error waiting for project creation .

@sangasai I did not get your issue. Could you please elaborate on the problem that you are facing along with relevant screenshots?

there is no DialogFlow credentials pop up showing when i tried to upload jokes project to google. Am i not supposed to do projects in windows?

Sir, uploading the project to google is really different from what they had already shown in video.

i have created the key and i do not know where to submit the downlaoded file since the dialog flow credentials pop up has not showed up .

@sangasai As mentioned in the training section, the steps in the lesson are only for those who have created an account on Voiceflow before March 2021. Those who created an account after March 2021 can skip these steps.

There are no additional steps and credentials required in your case. You just need to hit on the upload button and create a new blank google actions project. Post that it will be uploaded just by clicking on the upload button. There is no need for dialog flow credentials.

Do let me know if you are still stuck.

That is completely fine. Your app is uploaded to google. You can test it now.

Hi Mr.shobhit , if I delete my project in voiceflow after uploading it to google, will it still run on google action console test.

@sangasai Yes. Google does not have any limitations on the number of projects but voiceflow has. So to use voiceflow you have to delete older projects