Evernote app issue

When I click on test request… request was successful but it is showing error…

I cannot find voice scripple pad even

I cannot even find the variable in this (note)

@nikithadhathri11 You need to create a note in your notebook. Then only will it show in the integromat connection.

After downloading Evernote…how to create a note in it

How delete projects

@nikithadhathri11 Please follow this quickstart guide for using evernote: https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/208314458-Using-Evernote-Quick-Start-Guide

Link to delete google actions projects: https://developers.google.com/assistant/console/manage#delete_a_project

Scripple pad is just a name of the note shown by the trainer. You have to first create a note in evernote app. The name or title you will be giving to your note will be displayed in integromat likewise in tutorial where scripple pad was displayed

Hi @nikithadhathri11 I had the same problem and i even tried deleting my projects.
First of all it takes alot of time and still pushes a message there is some error.
If you take my advice either Edit those projects or You can request for an increase, Which google people being such kind pepole they give you an increase.
I asked for 20 more projects and they granted me within 2 hours.
You can try it.

To create a new note in Evernote for Windows OS, click the green + New Note button at the top of the left panel. Instead of voice scribble pad, you can give any name/title you wish.

You can ignore that error as it’s not important. What is important is that your RAW status under the RAW tab should be 200 and make sure the scenario runs on integromat.