Exam Access code problem

I am unable to take the certification exam from my account anuragjoshi2606@gmail.comaccess error

Please resolve this issue as I need to present the certificate to my college.

@ashwin.salgaocar @rajesh.penugonda @shobhit.kumawat

@4ni18is011_a We have searched for the email id, that you given. But we didn’t found access code related to it. Please paste your access code and correct email id here. So, that we can add it to the test.

Email : anuragjoshi2606@gmail.com
Access code: C45D620B147F29C1397E1796275220

@4ni18is011_a Thanks, I will update you, once I will get the reply from the team

Sir can you please ask the team to resolve my issues. I have been requesting from a week now. We need to submit the certificates to our college and I’m unable to take the test. @rajesh.penugonda @ashwin.salgaocar

@4ni18is011_a Apologies for the delay. Your access code has been added. Please confirm the same by attempting the test.

Thankyou sir. I was able to attempt the test.