Failed to connect with google

i am unable to connect my project to google . Please help.

sir please reply to this

@aditi.kajale Please elaborate with screenshots or screenrecordings for me to pin point the issue.

providing SS. please reply ASAP.


please reply to this.

still not able to figure it out.

@aditi.kajale This seems to be an account issue. Can you confirm if you are logged in to the chrome browser with the same email address as you logged into Voiceflow?

yes! it is the same account. What do I have to do now?

@aditi.kajale If it is the same account then I’m not sure what the issue is. I will have to take this to the Voiceflow team to ask them what is going wrong here. In the meantime can you check if there are any browser settings that are blocking the signup process. It may be a case where popups have been disabled due to which the signup popup by google isn’t appearing and hence the login is failing due to a timeout. Do check these settings here: chrome://settings/content/popups?search=pop

I am getting the pop up. then i chose the same google account and allowed access to voiceflow. after that i am getting this error.

Hi @aditi.kajale, Do try the following and let me know:

Try to open Voiceflow in incognito mode

Also if you are already logged on the Google Action Console you may want to logout first
to avoid any conflicts during the authentication. Go to and see if you are already logged in or not. If you are logged in, logout first and then try the process.

tried both not working still.

Hi @aditi.kajale,

Can you let us know what Browser you are trying this on? It is recommended to use Chrome.

Also, you can try to reset your account on the Voiceflow account page (if you already have one linked) or create a new Google Dev account to see if it work with this one.

Sir i am also facing similar problem. So what should i do?

Now the my account showing like this

Hi @blessyjohnson1999

That means you account linking is done, you can test your apps on the google action simulator.