Final project voiceflow and intergomat or voiceflow or integromat

For the project which we have to make of our own and submit has to done on both voiceflow and integromat or only voiceflow is enough for that project.

Hi @rahulkolwalkar2002,

You can choose to build the project based on your needs. You project will be graded based in the video of working of the project on Google Assistant + Google Actions Console + Screenshots of the Design Tab in Voiceflow/Integromat(if any).

Please explain it in brief sir

Sir exactly where we have to submit the projects means we have to mail u? I have taken the snapshots and also I had made vedio of all projects I can’t understand where to submit it.

Keep the links ready when you answer the certification exam. There will be a text field where you will have to add your links in the exam. Make sure that the links have public access for me to review it.

Sir, @ashwin.salgaocar
I’ve taken the test and submitted links to the project. When I’m doing the login again to see my results it is showing me error that I’ve used wrong mail, but the password and mail ID are same. When will I get my results so that I can get the internship. And do I have to login the test results page again? If so, help me resolve the issue.

Hi Ahwin! My final project is almost through with a bug which Im unable to fix. There is an IF block which is always executing the else part even when the IF statement is true. In the screenshot attached , I checked with variables ‘separately’ too.

@idlepcha There could be multiple reasons here. One main place I would look into would be to use the debug functionality of the prototype tab and see the thing in action. This seems to be an issue of the cases. It may so happen that the mismatch is caused due to case of the words.

You can change them both to lowercase using a code block before matching it in the if block.