Half of the course is still not activated, could I know why?

@ashwin.salgaocar Still the half of the course is not activated, why it’s taking too much time, indeed the covered portions are not that much time taking and it’s about 2 week late but still the half of the content is not activated. As I have completed the 50% of the course just in 1 week means I have completed it on 29th of October along with all five projects and I have been waiting for the half content for about 1 complete month, please we also have limited times so just provide the course as soon as possible…

Hi @subham3140, Apologies for the delay. The reason there has been a delay is that we have been working on researching the alternatives for the changes introduced by Voiceflow. Since this is the tool heavily used in the training, we wanted to make sure that the changes introduced by voiceflow reflect in the training on a priority basis. We are still working on the fix for this so that the new students do not face issues while doing the training. Hope you understand the concern. Once we complete that, we will soon update the python content of the training.

@ashwin.salgaocar it’s ok sir, but could you pls tell me that how can I apply for the internship mentioned in this course, Sir we have limited time as well. So pls guide me to attend the internship parallelly.

@subham3140 We will update you regarding internships by 15th December. We are waiting for more students to complete the certification test.


Sir, I am eagerly waiting for you to tell us about the internship.

15th December has already passed, still, the python content is not uploaded which includes Project 10, 11, & 12. When will the content be posted? Waiting for the same!

Also, if I give the certification exam now, will I be asked from Project 10, 11, and 12 in course content? Should it be better to give the exam after completing the course 100%?

@ashwani_prasad Apologies for the same. We are still working on the content. We will update the new dates of when these topics will go live.

Also, You may answer the certification exam now as it does not have the project 10, 11, and 12. In fact, the certification exam only includes topics till Integration with Integromat. So you are good to go with answering the certificate.

Okay, sir. Thanks for the clarification.

Sir what about the internship