Here why i cannot add more than one joke or inspirational quote and moreover if i added one more joke and inspirational quote then it only reads that 1st joke or 1st quote means only one joke and one quote ....can anyone explain please?

@sharmavibhuti1507 See according to me, the voiceflow works with the intension or u can say intent… Means it normally work on the kind of intension that u have set on the block, for example, see if u add a choice block and your utterance’s intension is like a question then the voiceflow simply thinks that you are asking the question but u haven’t provided any answer… U can see the second quotes u have added na just think of it, the voiceflow AI is not a human that can visualize the intension behind the text u have set… Like-if I set utterance “hey google please tell me a joke” Then voiceflow works well but when u set the utterance as "hey google could you please tell me a joke? " Then voiceflow thinks that you are asking a question and that’s the point were it left the conversation… Try it once u can visualize it… That’s why the voiceflow has one field that is intent so that we can explain the intension behind the text.

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I would rather suggest to use Joke and Quote APIs. I know this solution is contradictory to your doubt. But having said that we should also take in account that voice flow has its own limitations of that you can’t link one to many blocks.

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Well the right way of doing it would be the way suggested by Mr.Siddharth Bhandarkar. You can also use a random block between the intent block(choice block) and the result block(final speak block).

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Thanks for the solution ! :+1:t2:

Thanks for the solution !! :+1:t2:

Thanks for the solution !!! :+1:t2: