I didn't get this correctly, Please help to get of it guys

Show your code and last API block

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yes…here it is!!
Uploading: image.png…

@mageshsk16 you know what,the best way to debug the problem is to just attach one speak block after each api block and put the variables (whatever u have taken in api block) in that speak block and try to run it in prototype and see whether the variables are giving the value or not, so I hardly suggest you to do so

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It didn’t work out my friend…i jus attach speak block before itself after the api block…but the flow doesn’t in the capture block ,what can i do now??

see the capture block…is it correct??

Had u tested, each variables are showing result or not? If yes then check the api again

yes , I tested each and every variable whether it is set or not…

after this I don’t know wat to do…