I haven't recorded video of 1st two projects what should I do?

can I just screenshot final output?

If the projects you are talking about are part of the Certification test, then you should be submitting the screenshots as well as the video of the working of the project on Google Actions Console as well as the Google Assistant app. They both consist of marks. This has been mentioned as an Important Note for all the projects which need to be submitted at the end. If you haven’t recorded any such project, then I suggest you do it again and make sure to record it.

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Sir, is the screen recording sufficient or should we also have audio recording?

Always better to have the audio along with the video.

Can you please tell me how I need to record the video using google action console and google assistant?

use bandicam or obs studio in windows
and in phone using a screen recorder

HI, If you want to record screen here are the few things you can use:

  1. If you are using windows 10 you can use Xbox recording feature by pressing windows key + G and then Recording Screen will Pop Up.
  2. You can also download zoom app on pc and use zoom Screen recorder to record the video.
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If you are using windows 10 then you have inbuild screen recording option . Just by clicking window key and “G” at same time and then you will get the recording option

For recording Google Actions Console, you can use windows 10 feature that has inbuilt screen recording or you can download any screen recording application like Free Cam (I have been using this app and its really easy to use).
For recording Google Assistant, you can watch the videos and use the same way as @ashwin.salgaocar did it in the initial projects.