In Music Player App Session ending after giving name of an artist! Any reason?

BTW All code and design is perfect

the code in the video is slightly wrong. try the code displayed below the video.

Yeah i tried the code mention below the video, still getting same result.

Bro sent the code block and api block screenshot

I am getting the same issue. Did you get any solution?

in music app im facing problem with apikey as i have to go on entering apikey again after one time run as it shows request fail even after its once successfully operated…
@ashwin.salgaocar sir plz reply asap

in the music app i am not able to display after the track list and i am getting no intent match and in capture block i am not able to give input it’s just takin number,time,date,custom .what should i do to solve this.please someone help me out by this

Hi @supriyaam7

The capture block now only allows for fever options as compared to before due to updates made by google. However, in our case we can go ahead with the custom block as pointed out by many within the forum.

Also, there are many cases, where the music player app does not work as described in the prototype tab. You can try the full working on the google actions simulator and see if it throws the same error there as well. If yes, then do let me know, I shall have a look into the blocks.

check the code,check the variables u have used , my case i used prewiew_url instead of prewiewURL
and check the case of letters used in the code sonce js is case sensitive and define all the variables used in the project as global variables.

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Sir iam getting the same problem and I test in action simulator but the problem is not solved what to do now…!!


@yousufmama111 Please share code you have in the code blocks.

This is the first code of artist I’d


This is the second track of code


This is last preview url code