Is it possible to have a simple voiceflow aap (with google assistant) that contains multiple image display based on users utterance

I have made a simple project that is just a simple introduction of myself but I have attached many card block to display a particular image by each utterance by me… But when I check this in my prototype or in google assistant in my phone, it doesn’t show any image that I want to… So how can I do this.???

@SiddharthBhandarkar sir sry to again bother you… But is there any solution for this…

Forum admin is the best person to answer this query.

How can I approach him sir.

Hi, Can you share screenshots or video recordings of the same. I can be of better help with that.

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@ashwin.salgaocar Yes sir sure… sir you can see that i have just used so many card block and i just expect that for each response by google assistant it show the particular image whatever i had attached in a sequence…How can i do it sir … Help me…Thanks to you sir to just considerd my issue…

@ashwin.salgaocar sir could you solve my doubt please … It will help me to do my own project ,please consider my problm sir

@ashwin.salgaocar sir???