Issue with the email ID I enrolled with

I enrolled this course with my college email ID as this course was suggested by our college but now as you can see in the screenshot it says "
This setting is not currently available for your account type. If it becomes available, your data will be saved only if your setting is on."
If I forcefully turn on the setting, I cant turn on the sub settings. And try to run my project is shows like
. What should I do? Should I create a new voice flow account on my personal ID.
I can’t another screenshot in this message I will add that in next.

As you can see I cant test the App

Hi @191320 You can definitely create another voiceflow account with your personal email. There is no such restriction that you should create the voiceflow account with the same email ID that you have used for training. Create another account with your personal email and try with it. Hope it helps. Thank you

Actually the instructor says so in the setting up the voiceflow account tutorial video. He said he will later point out in the course why we should make the account with the same email ID that we used to enroll to the course.

@191320 There is no issue, even you use different account for voiceflow. If you face any problem do let us know. Thank you

@191320 I have also enrolled with my institute email id. Just turn on the web & app activity, it’s not necessary to turn on the sub-settings. Apps work well without them as well. I too did this. Hope this helps :wink: