Its showing uploaded but its not working on my phone can anyone tell me steps so that i can get the function again to upload it to google?

click on the google actions console highlighted in blue colour then test your application in google actions simulator and after you have tested your flow in google actions console then test it in your phone and see it works or not

It is working in google actions console but not in my phone and i don’t know the reason behind this … :frowning:

Hi @sharmavibhuti1507 Make sure to have logged into the same account on your phone as well.

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yes sir i am logged in with same account !

@ashwin.salgaocar Sir please help me out i’m stuck… !!!

I am also facing the same problem. Please help!!

@ashwin.salgaocar sir I think this problem is occurring from the side Google now app present in our phone sir.
My weather app always responds me with the description of the city rather than what I desired to get it from i.e., temperature
And, in my cricket score app it responded me with the description of the country rather than the score

All the projects work superfine wether it is being tested in voiceflow prototype tab or Google actions console , but when it comes to the app it just acts like a weirdo.

Absolutly TRUE :joy: :rofl:

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@saptarshi.jisu @sharmavibhuti1507 Could you share a screen-recording of the same? It is very surprising to see this. I tried this app from the scratch at my end and was not able to run into a similar issue. However, a screen-recording of this issue would help me great in taking this issue to the Voiceflow team and get it sorted.

@ashwin.salgaocar sir here is the link :-

This is the screen recording of my cricket score application