Jokes app (invocation error)

Hello sir, I am not able to test my project because of this invocation error. Can you please help me out?

@ashwin.salgaocar Sir, could you please help me out?

Have you tried in google assistant?

@chirravuri.vaishnavi Could you please elaborate on your problem. I cannot pin point the issue just by looking at the screenshot.

@ashwin.salgaocar Sir when I am trying to run the project, it says it can’t be run because I can’t use Google Assistant features. It says to enable the Activity controls, I did that as well, but I can’t run my project as it says this feature is not available for your account.

Sir, even I am facing the same issue

Hi, Please try creating a new project as this error may arise due to the older version. Also, confirm if you are using google account or an email ID of some other client.

Recently I faced the same issue too.
The fix for is:
1.Go to the test simulator settings
2.Disable on-device testing, wait for it to disable testing
3.Enable testing with dev draft version.
Invocation will begin to work again.