Music Player App Stops Executing After Entering Artist Name

When I run my app in prototype it takes the artist name and stops the conversation. Can anyone give the solution to this problem?
I have attached pics below. Pic1 shows at which point error encountered, Pic 2 shows the flow diagram and Pic 3 shows the code which takes inputs for artist_id and remaining pics are of other code block.
@ashwin.salgaocar @subham3140

@rutikyerunkar Can you also share the names of the variable you have used in you project?

Sure Sir

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@rutikyerunkar did u get the solution?

I am also facing same problem as mentioned above, @ashwin.salgaocar can you help me solve this problem?

@pavant129 Can you share your contact number via which I can share the screen-recording session details for you? We can have that session to solve your doubts. Let me know if tomorrow(23rd March 2021) 03:30 PM is good for you.

@pavant129 As discussed in the screen recording session, since we were able to get about all the issues you faced in the app, you may proceed in posting the learning here, so that everyone gets the solution for the same.

I have got the similar issue. . . the code (where we create the tracks list) is failing. the track_list is however getting retrieved well from the API. My number is 9735918752

@idlepcha Can you please share the screenshots of the same? Also share the code you used in the code block.