Not able to generate service account link

Sir, I want to quit this Training as my laptop and your instruction are not in sync .There are certain page or options which are there in your system but not in mine so my project is not able to function. So I want you to refund my money.



The UI for uploading the projects to google has changed and we are working on updating the content based on it. We have received such queries before and here is a way to solve it: Rendering error While uploading on google

Go through it, and it shall solve your issue.

the problem still persists . What should I do now?

The page is showing the agent not found.

No option for key creation

sir , all my problems are resolved
the first module was great.
thank you

Hey there, How to get the keys in this part? I’m facing same issue

Even I am facing same problem sir. please help with this.

please refer this, and follow the instructions carefully.Hope this works

Please follow the instructions carefully, hope this will work.

How to upload the credentials key file. I received key generated file, but couldn’t upload it. please let me know the steps to follow. @SiddharthBhandarkar @ashwin.salgaocar @abhinavpro2200

Thank you

If you are failing to upload the JSON file. Discard the current JSON file and create a new file the same way you created the current one and try to upload it. This is the simplest alternative so far.

I am not getting upload file option only, I have file. where is the option to upload file, please tell that step. In upload to google option I am finding only last project name only.

@kiranstenginakai share a screenshot for better understanding of your issue.