Not able to use google assistant while recording screen using screen recording app

When I searched I found our that recording app is using microphone and google assistant also uses microphone. If I want to use google assistant while screen recording then I will have to disable access of microphone to screen recorder app and then a video with no voice will be recorded.

Does anyone has solution to this problem or else I will have to record video by using camera of other phone which won’t have that much good quality. @ashwin.salgaocar?

Anyone ??? Is anyone using mobile screen recorder app to record video? Do you have any idea @ashwin.salgaocar

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Please anyone reply FAST !!!

@rahulsaxena2000242 You can search for any screen recorder softwares on google and install it to get the recording.

Yes sir I did but then I am facing the issue as stated above.

@rahulsaxena2000242 Which phone do you’ve? Because in Android you can do it.
I’ve also done it.
Assistant won’t activate from your voice but if you open the google assistant app then recording will work.
Or you can first activate the google assistant then start the recording.
I hope it’s useful.